April 28, 2020

Stellar Self-Care

An Astrological Guide
To Caring For You

Clarity, Energy, and Alignment comes when we take into account all aspects of ourselves, and care for each piece. The Stellar Self-Care guide helps you to know how to take care of all pieces of you, even if they sometimes contradict.

Discover how to nurture each part of your being.
Learn how to charge your batteries, soothe your emotional self, and uncover the key to feeling abundant & expansive in your personalized and stunning 22 page guide.

Read about the guide here.

About the author 

Kacy Danae

Hi, I'm Kacy Danae! I'm a cat loving, herbal tea swigging, West Virginian Astrologer. I'm obsessed with helping women use the Stars & Plants to crush their goals, show up for their purpose, and optimize their energy alignment.

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