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Stellar Sanctuary Membership


To celebrate the opening of Stellar Self, a bonus opportunity is available while supplies last…

You’ll receive the whole year of the membership + A Solar Return OR Business Reading for 2023 👉(in the month of your birthday)


Welcome to the Stellar Self Membership.

Readings are powerful, but they pale in comparison to understanding the nuances of your own chart…yourself. I was first going to call this “Soul Doctor: how to f$ck around and heal your life”. But healing your life is the baseline, not the destination.

Clearing the blocks and limiting beliefs is the baseline.

Healing your inner child and calling power back to yourself that has been trapped in unhealed loops, is the baseline.

The magic begins when you move past the baseline and into refinement of your gifts and clarity in your path.

So that you don’t have to enter into cycles of stopping, starting, losing ground, starting again…and instead can experience ease and fluidity in your path.

I changed the name to Stellar Self because stellar not only means “relating to the stars” but it also means exceptional, outstanding, in excellence.

and that is what Astrology gives us all the ability to do with more grace. To move past conditioning, wounding, and forgetting…

and into a state of mastery and excellence in our lives, in our relationships, in our businesses, and in our soul paths.

This membership is not about “telling you” the path, but rather teaching you in down to earth and practical language how to understand the path yourself.

The stars are showing you the way, and I’m excited to be your translator.

So with that said….

What’s in the membership?

  • Each month you get a mastery lesson & workbook for a major part of your chart
  • Exclusive New & Full Moon audio reports
  • New & Full Moon guides for the lunation in your chart
  • 1-2 monthly office hours (ask Kacy anything chats)
  • Bonus trainings on relationships, business + more
  • 4 Mastercourses (one each quarter, Lunar Returns, Progressed Moons)
  • Bonus trainings


We begin December 23rd on the Capricorn New Moon. 
In this month the mastery lesson is “Daddy issues, Devotion, and doing Great Work”

In the 1st Month Mastery Lesson we’re looking at:

  • The relationship with your Father or Father figures
  • Y0ur relationship with Authority (and how you can be your own and care less about what people have to say)
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Discovering your Great Work/Purpose in this world
  • The shadows/conditioning that keep you from doing what you’re called to do
  • One key part of your health that you should pay close attention to

Bonus Training: 

  • Your Midheaven, what your chart says about you in business/career

Master Course:
Your Progressed Moon (January 2023)


To celebrate the opening of Stellar Self, a bonus opportunity is available while supplies last…

You’ll receive the whole year of the membership + A Solar Return OR Business Reading for 2023 👉(in the month of your birthday)

I don’t usually do the whole here’s how good of a deal you’re getting by breaking down how much all of this is worth…but I’m gonna this time.


The 12 Master Lessons (value $600)
New & Full Moon Workbooks & Exclusive content (value $200)
Bonus trainings (value $270)
Master Courses (value $650)
Group Coaching/Office Hours (value $400)
Solar Return or Business Reading (value $250)

💸Total Value: $2,170 


👉Get access to all for $500.

There is a limited number of these available due to the limited number of recorded readings I can do in each month.




Technical Questions:

Will I have access to the master lessons and master courses only during the year?
You’ll have lifetime access to the materials.

How will the lessons be delivered? 
You’ll receive your workbooks and exclusive recordings via email. You will be automatically added to the course portal and have lifetime access to the courses.

When will I receive my Solar Return or Business Reading? 
You will receive it in via recording in the month of your birth in 2022 or 2023.

Where will the Office Hours sessions be held? 
On Zoom!

What types of questions can I ask in the Office Hours sessions? 
This is your all access pass to Kacy. Ask questions about your birth chart or about Astrology knowledge in general.

Can I request a bonus training? 
Yes! Kacy will regularly be asking the membership for what they desire to learn!

I have a question that isn’t listed here…
please reach out to Kacy on instagram, she will answer any questions you have.


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