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Sunflower Flower Essence


The essence of Sovereignty. You are just as good as anyone else on this planet. End perfection paralysis and comparing yourself to others. Acceptance of self. 

 1/2 ounce dropper bottle in blackberry brandy dosage strength essence. 

Note: If you’d like your essence in a non-alcohol medium or in stock strength please just add that to the note to seller section of checkout.

There is no competition in the real world. You are divinely created uniquely, no one else can be you. You are here to stand tall and confidently move through the world with purpose. When you find yourself in patterns of comparison Sunflower essence helps you return your power back to you. Just as in a field of sunflowers, all are striving to get as close to the Sun as possible, but none are in the way of each other. So is true for you. It is safe for you to reach your greatest heights, without worrying what others will think of you. 


Sovereignty of self gives you the confidence to follow your own path without recognition from others. You are the creator of your own life, the Queen of your domain. You don’t need permission to forge your own path forward and to move at your own pace. Sunflower essence allows you to take the inner realizations you have about yourself and implement them in the exterior world. Bringing your soul work to form and life, and to walk your talk. Especially when you have struggled with self-criticism or perfectionism in the past. 


Qualities: Sovereignty, Confidence, reducing perfectionist tendencies, ending comparison mindset, Letting your inside reflect on the outside 


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