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White Violet Flower Essence


A companion ally for the spiritual journey. When you’re pulling away from the world as you’ve known it, to discover what is true and real for you. Discover and connect with your spiritual guides. Especially potent for dark nights of the soul times. 


Qualities: The inner journey, Deconditioning,  Dark night of the soul, Spiritual Awakening, Revealing yourself, to yourself 

 1/2 ounce dropper bottle in blackberry brandy dosage strength essence. 

Note: If you’d like your essence in a non-alcohol medium or in stock strength please just add that to the note to seller section of checkout.

Violets help us to express yourself and your truths. The white violet helps you to see yourself. Not through the lens of the world or through the eyes of others, but to truly experience your own essence and become comfortable in it. 


Working with white violet flower essence reveals not only the strength to face those inner demons, but clearer seeing of your own gifts. A deep deconditioning process occurs that begins on the inside, but is reflected on the outside. It helps you to remain focused on your internal world and integrate spiritual understandings into who you are in the outside world. 

A valuable ally for dark night of the soul when you are questioning everything in your life. You cannot fall away from yourself. You are never alone.

Qualities: Connecting with your Guides, The inner journey, Deconditioning,  Dark night of the soul, Spiritual Awakening



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