Wood Betony Elixir


Wood Betony Elixir


Do you find yourself having hypothetical conversations in your mind, plotting your epic success in a 12 step plan but not able to write it down, or simply so overwhelmed by your thoughts you don’t feel able to accomplish what you want. Wood Betony helps to ground you in the here in now, getting you back in your body and out of your mind.

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Wood Betony Elixir

Wood Betony is this magical little herb that every single Gemini & Virgo on the planet should experience, because during times when you’re just existing in your head, it anchors your energy back into your body. Restoring a sense of groundness and calmness that is a dream come true for when you have swirling thoughts. You know, the ones where you have hypothetical conversations, play out wild scenarios, and try to see a inspired download through 5 years down the road. Until you’re just spinning, and spinning, and well…usually then go “gosh, I’ve got so much anxiety”. When in reality, you just need to move from mental energy into grounded presence, which Wood Betony is prime to do.

I’ve sent out dozens of tinctures over the years to private clients who I would call “air type” people. They tend to be restless, moving from one task to the other, bumping into things or missing out major things even when it’s literally happening in front of their face. They are constantly on a mental quest for answers, (hello open head center), and tend to experience what I call the “thought tornado” which is just spinning thoughts during the day or before bedtime that keep them from being grounded and relaxed. It’s a true joy and honor to bring this plant ally to everyone.

I always say, the planets are the map but the plants are the guides that walk alongside us on this earth. Working with herbal medicine and flower essences helps you to support the transformations you’re wanting to make in your life. They are like good friends, (there is a reason why people say their “plant allies”), that walk through a season of life with you, making the edges less rough and the way through easier to travel.


Making the Elixir:

Wood Betony (stachys officinalis), Lemon Balm, Lavender, Lemon, Wildflower Honey, Flower Essence of Clematis in a vodka base

Wood Betony and Lemon Balm both help you to restore a sense of a calm to the system without feeling “out of touch” with reality. Clematis is one of my personal favorite flower essences as it helps bring clarity to the mind. Making this a powerful remedy to keep you in touch with the world around you and focused, while anchoring your energy into a solid presence rather than a scattered and frantic energy.

How to Take: 

This Elixir can be taken up to 4x a day in doses ranging from 10 drops to 2 droppersful.



There is some evidence that Wood Betony lowers blood pressure. If you’re already on medications to lower blood pressure or are undergoing surgery, Wood Betony can cause your blood pressure to drop too low. As always, consult your doctor or health professional about any herbs you take.


Medicine Making Process: 

All herbs have been purchased from local herb shops or are from my own farm. The source that each local herb store is either a well respected bulk herb producer or local herb farms, and all are organic. I am so deeply grateful for my local herb stores (The Nettle Patch in Frostburg, MD & Tonic Herb in Shepherdstown, WV) it is my intention to keep shopping locally if I don’t grow the plant myself.


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