You Are Extraordinary

If you're looking for a reading that is going to tell you "Your Sun sign is in ______, so you're _______"
This is NOT this reading. Please pop on over and select one of the thousands of Instagram Astrologers for that.

I'm not the here for shallow inquiry, or even simple curiosity. 

You book with me when you are ready to dive deep and get a kick in the ass to embrace your gifts...
(and get get clear on what they are)

and the way's you're blocking your gifts, abundance, and success...

You book with me when you're OVER stumbling, feeling stuck, being confused, lacking motivation, and you're 100% confident that you were put on this Earth for more.

Because here's the deal. I genuinely believe you are Extraordinary. It's not some stupid catchphrase to sucker you into some spiritual fluff. I believe you are born with sacred gifts, a divine purpose, and abundance is your birthright....

and that it is your responsibility to show up for it fully.
Because enough people are alreadying showing up half assed for their life.

but even when you're ALL in & ready to answer the call of your wild sacredness.....

it can can still take years to peel back all the layers, face the shadows, and get clarity on who you are, what you're here for, and how to step into most elevated life...

or it could take 60 minutes in our zoom chat.

Because your birth chart isn't some breakdown of your personality. It's a living map and guide to your life, giving you crystal clear clarity on the questions that are most pressing on your heart right now...

like what your Purpose is, your Abundance path, (& how $$$ and purpose combine), how to attract the right Partnership, and what you're calling in right now...

You'll leave our session feeling fired up, excited, and clear on your next actions steps...

you'll know exactly where to put your energy to create the needed transformation in your life, and be motivated to follow through on it.

Breakthroughs are guaranteed.

Are you ready to.....

get clear on your purpose...

what gifts make you money...

how to recognize your perfect partner...

where you're blocked...

and how to open the way pathway ahead so you can
step into your Extraodinary?

Then you need to hit the I'M READY button to schedule your breakthrough reading

Past Clients Say

As soon as you work with Kacy you will become hooked! Fair Warning!
I wasn’t sure what to expect and it went way above and beyond what i anticipated! The reading told me what i NEEDED to hear, and went in depth giving me actionable tools i have started to integrate. Ever since i received my reading i have begun to embrace a new mindset and have broken through beliefs that have been holding me back for a long time. I am stepping into my power and embracing my role as a business owner, receiving more abundance and seeing more clients.

Rebekah Rose

About The Session

Positives focused

I believe that Astrology is there to help you elevate yourself, not become a victim to fate. Everything is positively framed & action focused.

Live & Recorded 

Ask questions and clarifications as they come up over our 60 minute session on ZOOM.
Keep the recording forever.

Get Fired Up

You will be motivated  (& excited) to make big changes, face up to fears, and clear blocks. These sessions are created to initiate movement & breakthroughs.

Customer stories

Hanna P.

The reading is Insanely valuable and worth every penny! They’re thorough and get to the heart of the matter!

Davina Rose

The reading absolutely spoke to every facet of what I'm dealing with. fantastic for someone who is unsure of their path in life, or if they need help finding guidance in any way.

Camile D.

I've been trying to think of the best words to thank you ever since I got my readings. Everything was extremely accurate and relevant to my current journey in life.


I don't know my birth time

Let's chat before you book.

Email me at to make sure you can get the most out of your session. 

I don't believe I have a purpose

If you don't feel called into living out your bigger dreams and elevating yourself...I'm not the right fit for you.

I don't have a specific question

That's totally fine. If it feels like something needs to change and you need clarity, this session is still for you. I'll lead the way during the session until a question arises for you.

**Smash that button to schedule**
New to Astrology and scared it won't resonate?
I'll give you a full refund if it doesn't hit...
(because I'm 100% confident it will blow your mind) 

Copyright Kacy Danae