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Feeling Overwhelmed, confused, or lost?

Have you been ready to move forward in your life or with your business but you feel stuck?

I've been there too. Heck, I still get there sometimes and that's when I turn to Astrology. It's the quickest way to tap back into heart, purpose, and clarity.

Astrology readings  are the blueprint to your soul path in life. They give you an overview of who you are born to be and where you are right now. They move you from "why is this happening to me?" and back into "I am crystal clear on what I need to do to move forward". Readings become gateway's to move through challenges in life with ease & understanding. 

An Astrology Reading is confirmation of your soul path.
It gives you the clarity and confidence to make bold moves towards your most wildly abundant life.


I am available for follow-up questions and support post reading via email. So even when you have that question pop up as you're trying to sleep a week after the reading, I'm still here for you! 

Answers to your specific questions

We'll dive deep into whatever areas that you most want to. Ask questions before or during our session to get ultimate clarity.

Zoom Astrology Reading (w/ recording)

We will meet live & face to face in a session on Zoom.  We cover so much ground in a reading that the recording will allow you to go back to uncover even more gems. *recording is optional

Birth Chart Reading

The Original Astrology reading. A deep dive into who you are, your purpose, how to motivate yourself, and heal. Reach new depths of confirmation of your gifts  & new ways to move through your challenges. 

12 Month Reading 

Make the most of your next year! Know the best timing for all the good coming your way, and come prepared for the challenges. No shaking your head going "why is this happening", instead be prepared for all of life's transitions.

As soon as you work with Kacy you will become hooked! Fair Warning!

I wasn't sure what to expect and it went way above and beyond what I anticipated! The reading told me what I NEEDED to hear, and went in depth giving me actionable tools I have started to integrate. Ever since I received my reading I have begun to embrace a new mindset and have broken through beliefs that have held me back for a long time. I am receiving more abundance and seeing more clients.

Rebekah Rose on her quick clarity session

Meet kacy.

Kacy is an evolutionary & classically trained Astrologer who will never stop learning new ways to utilize this incredible tool to make life more purposeful. 

Kacy brings her modern studies together with her years of private mentorship with her teacher who has 55+ years of practicing Astrology. 

Kacy sees Astrology as a pathway back to soulful belonging, deeper meaning, and cultivating ultimate alignment through every season of life.

Astrology acts as the map to your life, lifting you out of chaos and confusion and into understanding and clarity. It's a tool of empowerment, lovingly laying a story of meaning over your life. 

Kacy brings together energetics and action steps to help you elevate yourself through your gifts and your challenges alike to create your most abundant life & business. 

She is a Libra Rising, Scorpio Sun, and Leo moon. She is easy to talk with and will always bring out gems from your own depths while reminding you the most important parts of life, like remembering to play!