Soul Client Clarity

30 Days to crystal clear clarity on who your soulmate clients are, what problem you solve, and what messages attract them

Hey Soulpreneur,
Do the words "I help ____ with ____" and "niche" make you want to pull your hair out?

I get it! You've got a tool kit overflowing with ways that you could serve.

You're multi-passionate and you just don't know which direction & gifts you need to bring to light right now.

You KNOW you're meant to live your abundant life of freedom through serving others with your gifts but...

You keep gettings stumped on:

-Who you actually help 

-Which of your many gifts are the ones you're supposed to make offerings of

-How to create messaging that attracts your soulmate clients
(instead of people in your DM's who don't buy) 

and you've done 20 dozen journaling prompts and marketing classes to help you nail down that niche 

But you just keep spinning yourself in circles & getting frustrated without gaining anymore long term clarity

and you're ready to get out of this block, find YOUR people, and serve them up exactly what they need, and actually sell your offers...

WITHOUT anymore journal prompts, meditations, hours spent on offers that don't sell, and dreamt up business plans left to die in last years note pad.

The longer you struggle with figuring out who you soulmate clients are and how best to serve them...

the longer the world doesn't get to experience your unique & necessary magic  

and the longer you're frustrated in business (and pissed at your bank account)

Which is why I created Soul Client Clarity

a 30 day 1:1 Intensive that uses Horary Astrology (a branch of Astrology that answers specific questions in detail) to help Soulpreneurs, Lightworks, Healers, and Holistic Coaches clarify their Soulmate clients without journal prompts!

Astrology is so much more than a list of our personalities. It is the living map to our lives. Horary Astrology gives us the ability to dive deep into the big questions that every marketing guru will ask you

-Who is your Ideal Client Avatar aka ICA, or Soulmate Clients

-What problem are they struggling with 

-Which if your unique gifts will help them get results (and get you paid)

-What messaging attracts them to you

-What your content pillars are

Mixing Astrology Readings with Break through Coaching

Over 4 weekly sessions you'll get crystal clarity on who your soulmate clients are, what to offer them, and how to reach them with your messaging

We'll also use your Birth Chart to dive into your Purpose, your Abundance Pathway, and the shadow habits that can trip you up from success.

Don't let another month go by without the clarity & confidence of knowing who you serve.

Your next step:

Book a quick 20 minute call to make sure this program is the right fit for you

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