Stop tossing & turning 
Get the answer 

Horary is a branch of Astrology that allows you to discover the answer to almost any specific question that is posed. Is this the business that makes you your first million? Are they "the one"? Is that house the best investment? Who are your ideal clients and what gifts do you have for them?

 Seeing far beyond just the question you ask the answers gives you clarity about the underlying dynamics that are creating the situation.

Free yourself from confusion and ask your question.

Stellar Self-Care

An Astrological Guide
To Being Motivated & Nourished

Does part of you want to live the minimal life barefoot at the beach, and another part already have your estate picked out? 

The personalized and stunning 22 page guide helps you to know how to take care of all pieces of you, even when they contradict.

Discover how to nurture each part of your being.
Learn how to charge your batteries, soothe your emotional self, and uncover the key to feeling abundant & expansive.


Work with the Village Witch

you don't have to walk your path alone

Anytime we move through the portal of change & transformation, there is discomfort. There is calm in any storm. Get personalized support during times of transition, just like if you'd walked to the witches hut. 

You are fully supported

The stars are here to guide, the plants here to uplift, and the spirits are here to feed and fuel.
Together we guide you to accessing all that is seen & unseen that supports you fully. 

  1. 1
    Astrological Support: You came with an instruction manual! By looking at your chart we can see what's going on for you in real time and get clarity on the best way to respond! Life doesn't have to be so hard!  
  2. 2
    Herbal Allies:  You're going to get a care package of plant medicine that will work to support & rebalance you physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Plants are like dear friends, ready at a moment's notice to hang with you on a breezy summer day or come to your aid in a crisis.
  3. 3
    Ceremony:  Our lives are not meant to be single chapter books. Our stories are made to be marked, opening in one part and bringing closure to another. Ceremony is the way we honor the periods of our lives, bringing a sense of closure and fulfillment to you.