Your purpose isn't spaghetti. Stop throwing stuff against the wall. Get Clarity Today.

Babe, isn't it time you stop being confused about your purpose and start living it?

Are you tired of wondering if you should just give up on living out your extraordinary dreams 

and just get a "regular job". Sick of signing up for new workshops, wondering if you just need more instagram followers, or if maybe some new growth strategy will help you to reach a level of success your proud of? Do you feel like if you don't break through somehow, some way really soon then all the work you've done to be awake & in alignment will fall away and you'll have to go back to living a life that you hate?

Yeah, I've got you. 

I've been there too! Here's the thing about being in Alignment, it begins when you're living out your purpose in all aspects of your life. Your purpose isn't a job, it's a way that you have to consistently show up for life everyday in every part of it. It just so happens that when you show up in this way that you're able to finally make quantum leaps in your career, relationships, and personal growth! It's the secret sauce to your success!

The best part is that you don't have to go searching for this secret sauce

it's all laid out crystal clear in your birth chart! Even better than that, we can see exactly how that purpose is needing you to show up right now. Yep, no more guessing (or rather second guessing) yourself and what you need to be doing! We're able to determine a clear action plan for you right now, and over the next several years! Including what dates are the absolute most important for you to show up fully, play all out, and how to do it best! This reading is like having a map to your success. FINALLY.

These sessions are fantastic for someone who is unsure of their path in life, or if they need help finding guidance in any way. The session absolutely spoke to every facet of what I'm dealing with, and it really helped that Kacy is so passionate about giving the readings; her excitement really enhanced everything.

Davina R.
This reading is for you if:
  • Don’t want to wake up in 10 years realizing you HATE the path you’ve walked. 
  • Desire clarity for what you need to be doing RIGHT now to be fully aligned with your purpose
  • You’re so certain you’re meant to accomplish great things and you’re ready to stop keeping it a secret.
  • Want to develop a simple but surefire strategy to make sure you stay aligned with your purpose through the next several years.
  • Know exactly where you are in the cycle that defines your purpose and what the next steps will look like so that you don’t miss a single opportunity!

Spaces are limited

You have a special mission that only you can live out

Your only job is to show up for it. In fact, it’s your responsibility to show up for it and it doesn't have to be confusing. 

In the reading you'll gain all of the clarity & conformation you need to know your path and what actions you need to take right now, and in the future. It's like your personalized guide to staying in total alignment with your ultimate success!

I love working with Kacy! She is warm and approachable and makes you feel truly significant. As soon as you work with her you will become hooked! Fair Warning! 

Rebekah Rose

But maybe I'm not meant for great things

If you don't have a calling for more and a bone level commitment to living out an extraordinary life, then this reading isn't for you. Greatness requires effort, sacrifice, and risk. It's not for the faint of heart. If however you've had a tug at your soul whispering "You're made for something big" and you're ready to go after your wildest dreams, this reading is the guide to walk you through your next steps in getting there.

What's in the reading?

60 Minute Session

Part step by step guide, part coaching, part Q&A. You'll leave our session feeling fired up & crystal clear about your purpose.

Immediate Clarity & Actions steps

You'll learn exactly what you need to do right now to get into alignment, and make your biggest breakthrough yet.

Guidance for the next 2 years

You'll know exactly when big opportunities & challenges are arising over the next few years and how to meet them!

Your purpose isn't spaghetti.
 Stop throwing stuff against the wall.

Get clear on what sticks & breakthrough now.

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