Time to Take Your Business Strategy to the Next Level? 

These 1:1 sessions change the game in understanding your timing, patterns, clients, and more in business....

Do you have a new program of offering that you're wanting to nail down....

Remember how much sense it made with someone first read your birth chart? That feeling of 'oh my gosshhh...that's ME!" 

That program, course, or coaching container you have running through your consciousness has the same, and the chart will give you that same experience. "oh my gosh...that's IT". 

That's the clients who need it. 

That's exactly what they're struggling with. 

That's TOTALLY what needs to be talked about for them to have the full transformation you've envisioned. 

This one hour program session can do what usually takes weeks or even months to nail down. 

In the Program Session we uncover 

  • The ideal clients and shadows of the people who MOST need your offering
  • The transformation you need to provide for those clients to successfully complete the transformation 
  • A customized down to the minute ideal time to launch the program to suit your intentions, and create an energetic container that does part of the transformational work FOR you. 

Your Year in Business....

The Astrology and Human Design behind your year in business. What unique problems are you and your ideal clients working through this year? What dates are auspicious for you to launch (because sometimes that failed launch is just terrible timing). This is the Eagle Eye view of your business for the next 12 months. 

In the Yearly Business Session we uncover 

  • Your questions about your Human Design & Astrology for business 
  • Your unique timing. Your best times for launching, selling, AND taking a freaking break.  
  • A transit report to walk you through the energy that you're under for the next 12 months