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how it started --

I prayed for a "neon clear sign" that Astrology was part of my path. A week or so later I was sat across from a wizened woman who held my birth chart in her hands. She looked up and said "My Saturn is conjunct your Sun, I'm supposed to teach you everything I know...are you up for that?"

that woman was Dorothy Malkie, who was 94 at the time and had over 50 years of teaching Astrology under her belt before our random introduction.

but before that magical moment and our 3+ years of private mentorship...

It's important to note i'm somebody with a tragic past. I've had unspeakable things happen to me, and like most people who have been handed a hard story, I almost let it end there. Astrology and Herbalism entered my life when all the professional guidance said I'd never get better, physically or mentally.  But armed with the right tools, and a little holistic elbow grease, my life did a 180. I was healthy and thriving, and I never looked back. 

So when I was questioning if I should pursue this "weird" stuff that helped me so much...I said a quick prayer and well, the answer became very clear. Neon clear.

That's where my background in doing the whole lotus in the mud, trucking through the muck of painful human existence, and rising from the proverbial ashes becomes important. I know first hand what it's like to transform hard stories.

(Ya girl, typing this right now used to have such bad anxiety I couldn't talk to the gas station attendant). I know what it's like to be in the trenches, and I know the work it takes to do a 180 and start living the life you *wished* you could live. 

The epic, grace given, elder and teacher who passed down a lifetime of learning helps me to be one of the best at this work. Understanding your chart and delivering the guidance with clarity, precision, and actionable guidance. 

Welcome to the power of Transformational Astrology. 

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