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Do you want to know how to use the Stars & Plants to get crystal clear clarity about how to find fulfillment in every area of your life, show up for your purpose, breakdown limiting conditioning, and be vibrantly healthy?

If you're nodding along, yes. Then you're in the right place!

Hi, I'm Kacy Danae your global friendly Village Witch! I work 1:1 and create courses for womxn just like you who are ready to stop being confused and start living life like it has an instruction manual (because it does).

 Mercury Retrograde isn't always to blame: 
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There is no way life is supposed to be this hard

I love working with Kacy! She is warm and approachable and makes you feel truly significant. As soon as you work with her you will become hooked! Fair Warning! 

Rebekah Rose

A totally skeptical mystic, I never imagined being a professional Astrologer. Starting to learn Astrology wasn't a trend, it was a desperate attempt to save my life.

Going on 5 years ago most days I couldn't leave the bed because of chronic pain and my debilitating anxiety made leaving the house a whole a two hour ordeal (and that was before I put my socks on).

I heard a small voice that said "You're meant for more". More importantly, another smaller voice said "I can't keep going if it's going to be this hard".

Cue me finding my first Astrology book at the local flea market. Music and voice over included.

and then life became more incredible than I could have ever imagined.

Astrology & Herbalism gave me the tools I needed to heal my chronic illness, give my anxiety the boot, break through conditioning that was holding me back, and then the kicker...

It gave me the ability to KEEP choosing to rise in my life. My health got better, my relationships got deeper & more fulfilling, my heart was lighter, and my pocket was heavier. Life became sooo much easier. Don't get me wrong, there was grief and loss and anger at times. But life wasn't confusing, hard, or overwhelming anymore.

It's like trying to put furniture together...it's just easier to know where things are supposed to go and when!

Life doesn't have to be hard. You are made for greatness, and you came with a guide to thrive! Let me teach you how to use this life altering tool that will help you effortlessly align with your wildest dreams and live your most fulfilling life!

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My Teacher 

Kacy is trained by Dorthy Ann Malkie, a previously DC based Astrologist with over 50 years experience working with clients. She began learning Astrology in 1969 in her closet to hide it from her Catholic husband. He came around, becoming a believer and huge supporter of his wife's career.

Kacy Danae is an Astrologist & Herbalist who is obsessed with guiding women to true fulfillment in all areas of their life by living out their charts. She combines Astrology & Herbalism together seamlessly giving both guidance and support.  She lives on a farm in West Virginia with her husband, dogs, and cats. 

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