Hi, I'm Kacy

Four years ago I made myself a promise to believe that healing is possible, I was made for joy, and life was full of meaning & magic. It was shortly after making that promise that Astrology entered my life, and it's only gotten more joyful, meaningful, and healed since it has. 

I am a Scorpio sun, Leo moon, Libra rising, ENFP, Splenic Projector (human design), and Enneagram 2. I have spent my life trying to uncover the way to bring myself and others back home to their essential selves. The depth that Astrology is able to reach not only in the mental & spiritual self, but in the body as well makes it the ultimate healing tool. A must have skill for Physicians until the 16th century, the language of Astrology helps us understand ourselves and our world on a more intimate level. 

If you are beginning your study of Astrology I highly recommend the book "The inner sky" by Stephan Forrest. 

If you want to use Astrology to understand your core self and innate health consider purchasing a natal or health reading from me. Read more about that here.

Are you called to healing work? Learn how to use Astrology & Herbalism together to do profoundly healing work with the free course Elements of Astro-Herbalism!

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"Healing is possible, 

we are made for joy

and life is full of meaning & magic"

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