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In the days of our great-great-grandmothers,

You would have traveled through forest, mud, and over creeks laden down with honey, jams, bread, potatoes and a heavy heart all the way to the edge of the woods. You'd come to seek an answer, an understanding, or for guidance on how to heal. You'd be sat tenderly sat down by the fireplace and given a cup of tea over which to tell your story.

Maps of the stars would be looked over, herbs would be packaged, and a plan would be made together for you to continue your journey.

You'd travel home with clarity where there was once confusion, support where there was once emptiness, and lightness where there was heaviness.

​Today, your travel is far shorter & less messy.

But the results are the same.
Clarity, Purpose, & support

Stellar Self-Care

An Astrological Guide
To Caring For You

Clarity, Energy, and Alignment comes when we take into account all aspects of ourselves, and care for each piece. The Stellar Self-Care guide helps you to know how to take care of all pieces of you, even if they sometimes contradict.

Discover how to nurture each part of your being.
Learn how to charge your batteries, soothe your emotional self, and uncover the key to feeling abundant & expansive in your personalized and stunning 22 page guide.


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Meet Kacy Danae

The Village Witch

After healing her decade long struggle with PTSD & Anxiety, Getting off 13 daily prescriptions (including opioids), and canceling a surgery with the help of Astrology & Herbalism, Kacy devoted herself to learning & sharing more about these powerful healing modalities. She believes that healing is possible and magic is everywhere, if you are willing to look.

Kind Words


I love working with Kacy! She is warm and approachable and makes you feel truly significant. She goes above and beyond from her personalized and in depth relationship with her clients to responding to you in a  timely manner. I seriously cannot recommend her more, she is the best. As soon as you work with her you will become hooked! Fair Warning! 

Rebekah Rose