Soul of Service

Crafting the Launch that builds your business

Hey Stellar Soul,

Are you ready to go from “figuring it out” in your business to feeling secure, aligned, and clear with a foundation you can build on for years to come?

To have your week filled with people ready for you to share your gifts with them, and you get inspired by the changes you’re making in their lives. 

And you’re ready to go from a hundred ideas to a clear launch and marketing plan that doesn’t have you guessing what to do next?

Are you ready to have clarity on your niche in a way that is super inclusive, fluid, and can grow with you?

And showing up online passionate about your latest offering?

And to be excited and confident about the process of growing your community and making sales?

And to be thrilled to share with family and friends the progress you’re making in your business? 

...because that is all possible

I’ve seen so many incredibly gifted Soulpreneurs, healers, mystics, creatives, and coaches have so much to offer the world but struggle to get the nuts and bolts of business down. 

When you have so much to offer the world, it can be hard to find and explain your unique brand of magic.

After doing a dozen “find your ICA” client worksheets and more “discover your Niche” workshops that I’d like to admit….

I discovered clarity through my own unique cosmic codes in Astrology, Human Design, and Gene keys. 

Merging traditional business strategy with these soul deep blueprints creates more than just a strategy….

It creates a rooted foundation that you can grow from, and help so many others, for years to come…


✨Soul of Service✨

Your bespoke strategy for soulful success aligned to your unique energy. Discover the aligned foundation of your business by clarifying your soulmate clients, marketing messaging, and next offering. 

This experience will help you to.....

➼ Feel lighter, more excited, and confident because you know you’re on the right path.

➼ Experience more clarity, because we’ll have built a strong foundation on which your business can grow.

➼ Be ready to show up online, because you know what needs to be said to get the right people’s eyeballs on you. 

➼ Be more inspired when you think about the future and the impact you’re making on your family and community.

➼ Be at ease when people ask you “what you do” or ask you about your “instagram business” because you know you're growing. 

➼ Spend less time scrolling social media, because you know what you need to do to show up online. 

➼ Ready to launch your most aligned offering yet, with a personalized strategy to do so. 

➼ Be more relaxed during your down times, because you have a year long outline for when it’s GO time and when you can kick up your feet and fill up. 



“ There are coaches, there are teachers, there are astrologers, there are guides. Then there’s Kacy. All of the above and SO much more. Kacy transcends all the labels and titles floating out there today. She’s humble and kind and supportive but she won’t coddle you and she won’t stand for you getting in your own way. She’s straightforward and unerring in her quest to help you find your truth, purpose, and path. She reminds you of your strengths and personal gifts and stands solidly next to you while you step into your own power.” 

Anna Neyeste 

What's Included in
✨Soul of Service✨ 

2 Hour 1:1 Session

Together we'll create your next offering, marketing messaging, and social media strategy all from your cosmic codes (astrology, HD, and Gene keys) 

Soul Of Service Guide 

A written guide to your cosmic codes in business. From your core messaging, company culture, lifelong ideal clients, and unique attraction energy. A guide you can return to year after year. 

2 Weeks of Voxer Coaching

Ongoing support during your launch or as you create your offerings. You can begin the coaching up to 30 days AFTER our session so it can suit you best. Office hours M-Th. 

12 Months of Aligned Launch Dates

Your most auspicious days to launch and sell with success. Plus your times for rest, withdrawal, and restoration. So you can stay in the flow. 




Get forever access to these new video classes each week. 

  1. 1
    Loving to Launch: Demystifying the process of launching a new offering.
  2. 2
    Business Foundations: The things you need to have in place to stop having to repeat yourself in business.
  3. 3
    Magical Manifesting: The energetics behind creating containers for success that impact YOU and your CLIENTS
  4. 4
    Mastering Your Messaging: One part cosmic codes, one part how to stop the scroll. 
  5. 5
    My favorite Business Tools: And how to use them. Including the free options that made growing my business on almost no money possible. 

The Soul of Service Journey

To get the most out of our time together, here's the flow....


Schedule your Soul of Service Session through the payment buttons 


3-5 days prior to your scheduled session you'll receive your Soul of Service guide & workbook. Tune into it so you can get the most out of our 1:1 session.


It's 1:1 day! Depending where you are in your business we'll either craft the foundations of your first offering and business foundations. OR we'll generate an entire launch strategy and plan for your most aligned offer yet!


You get to work with the your aligned business strategy. Choose when you have me in your back pocket for guidance, support, and fine tuning with the Voxer voice message coaching. 


I'm totally new to business will this help me?

Absolutely! I wish that I had this information before I started, it would have stopped me from wasting time on things that wouldn't work for me. As long as you're ready to put in the work to show up for your offering and marketing then we can get all of your steps into place together. 

I'm a creative with PHYSICAL products, is this for me? 

If the physical products are something that are near and dear to your heart. Then yes. Social selling is built on YOUR energy. The community you build that will buy your products aren't just there for tea cozies (for example). They come to you because of your core messaging and energy. Clarifying that helps you to create content that draws in the right people. 

I'm super MULTI PASSIONATE, I have a million things I want to do. Will this help me include all my passions? 

I can't promise EVERY passion will be included, but this does help you find clarity on what you do through all those many passions. Under your creative activities or interests is a golden thread that allows you to pull all of what you do together in a way that is inclusive and can grow with you. As a Herbalist, Astrologer, Tarot Reading, Human Design, Gene Keys, and Energetic worker...I have a deep understanding of the unique struggles and gifts in being multi-passionate. 

When does the voxer coaching start??

You can begin the voxer coaching up to 30 days after our session. This is the ensure that you can get my support when you need it most. For some that is in doing the pre-work before a launch like creating an opt in or showing up on social media. For others this will look like support during launch week when messaging needs to be fine tuned and your nervous system is going buck wild. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Please reach out at for more information. 

Soul of Service is for you if...

✨You're ready to get out of Idea land and into clarity around your offer and who your ideal client is. 

✨You want a bespoke strategy to launch your most aligned offer yet and to understand the messaging you need on social media to attract them 

✨want to feel light, excited, passionate, and hopeful about your business because you feel like you've got all the pieces of a strong foundation that you can confidently grow from

✨Be so clear and focused in what will actually get you sales that you're not scrolling looking for inspiration or a new strategy you need to implement. 

✨You want to feel excited and confident when family or friend ask about how your business is going