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Your Astrological Advice Column. (Think Ask Amy, but cooler). Submit your real life struggles anonymously, for a chance to get suggestions based in your birth chart. 

How it works:

It's important to remember that a submission does NOT guarantee an answer. As a free resource, only questions that follow the rules and light us up will be answered. The process to submit is detailed below. 


Just below this section you'll find the rules for submission. All submissions that break the rules will be rejected. 

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Take all the time you need to thoughtfully ponder what is most important to ask. YOU WILL NEED TIME OF BIRTH.


Each week we will select a handful of questions to answer. Yours MIGHT be selected. If you have added your email, you will be notified that you've been selected. 

The Answer 

Answers will be publicly displayed anonymously on the @kacydanae instagram. If you have submitted your email, you will get the answer there as well. 


Number 3 is the MOST important ;)

Rule #1

You must ask a question from a real struggle that is ongoing in your life right now. No questions like "I have mercury in the 3rd house, what does that mean!?" will be selected. Please continue to follow Kacy's blog for these types of answers. 

Rule #2

Only ask one question. I know it can feel like you've got a million and one questions, but pause and ask yourself what is coming into your consciousness most frequently. Choose the most potent question to move you forward right now. 

Rule #3

You must creatively decide on your own anonymous tagline based on your situation. If you are familiar with Ask Amy, think like this. Examples include: Torn between two worlds, Confused Confidant, and the like. 

Our Story

"I'm supposed to teach you everything you know, are you up for that?" Dorothy said after a grueling 2 minutes of silence. 

A short week or so before Kacy had been staring out the window of her local coffee shop, witch wound in full effect, as she silently said "Okay Creator, Astrology is sooo weird if I'm meant to do it, I need a NEON sign". 

A random introduction later and she was introduced to Dorothy Malkie an Astrologer with over 50 years of experience. The best part, they almost share a birthday being born only 17 hours 3 minutes AND 67 years apart. 

This began a 3 year exchange that is ongoing until this day, Astrology lessons for caregiving. As Dorothy approaches her 98th year, this free resource is open for her to get a regular "brain massage" (her words) and do the thing that she's loved since 1964, helping people using Astrology. 

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