Most people don't scratch the surface of the power of Astrology & human Design...

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 what we offer 

Readings & Consults With Kacy

  • Always focused on your GROWTH with practical strategies for your success
  • Down to Earth Guidance without "star speak" like "Your Moon is in the 10th house soo...." 
  • A safe space without any "scary" guidance & always open to your questions 

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my philosophy 

It is my deepest belief and experience that everyone is capable of creating extraodinary opportunities and experiences for themselves. I believe you're designed for expansion, evolution, and growth rather than limitation. All guidance is given believing whatever the challenge, you have the tools and inner resources to make the most out of every situation you face. 

Breakthroughs are inevitable

Miracles are real 

and Healing happens. 

Readings Vs. Live Session

A reading is looking over a specific or a couple of Astrology charts. This is focused on giving you answers based in a specific situation. They are information focused and can answer any pressing questions you may have. As they are mostly Kacy talking to you, they are RECORDED. 


Live Sessions: Cosmic Coaching

A session is for when you need deeper guidance and help sorting through a situation or multiple situations. You're looking for more than just want to support to help you find an aligned plan. Utilize Kacy's Astrology and Human Design knowledge while gaining access to her 5/1 projector insight. 

Things that happen in sessions: 
✨upgrading your business offers & content to align with your energies
✨ finding ideal dates for launching, sales, and important events
✨ Creating a game plan for your month based in your lunar return energies 
✨ Diving into the root cause of recurring issues in your life 
✨ A combination of many of these things all at once. Find out why clients call me a "unicorn", bring multiple focuses to a session and be prepared to quickly come up with an aligned life changing game plan


Live Sessions Currently Closed 
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Meet Kacy Danae

Kacy's journey with Astrology began during a Dark Night of the Soul bringing her path altering healing. In 2019, about to abandon Astrology when she asked for a "Neon Clear Sign" if she was meant to continue. Within a week she was randomly introduced to Dorothy Ann Malkie, with over 50 years as a practicing Astrologist and teacher. Kacy has now been studying the ancient practice for over 7 years, alongside herbalism and Human Design. She believes in the infinite capacity for healing, evolution, and growth is within each individual. Her guidance is designed to help you see your innate brilliance with down to earth ways to integrate the wisdom into tangible results. 
Kacy is a 5/1 splenic projector, Scorpio Sun & stellium, Leo Moon, Libra Rising, Cancer Midheaven.