Cosmic Guidance for Modern Creators & Miracle Makers

Has this ever happened to you?

You're innocently looking for some information about a transit or something in your birth chart, thinking "hey, maybe this will help me!" 

So you decide to type it into the search bar on google or tiktok looking for some supportive guidance...

and next thing you know you're inches from the screen, blood rushing in your ears, all your future plans out the window because all the information out there says basically ONE thing...

death, destruction, decay, and ruin are destined to be on their way to you.

Please don't feel bad because I have YEARS of guidance under my belt and recently did the same thing. KNOWING better. Litterally having the knowledge and personal experience of "horrible" transits and aspects being some of the best times of my life. 

Cue my absolute pleasure and ease I had during my Saturn Return.

Because here's the thing.....

worst case scenarios create worst case results

I mean, I'm used to seeing this shock value content in the Astrology books i've read from the early 1900's. But aren't we in the Age of Aquarius now? 

We've all read The Secret by now or have done some amount of reading up on the latest neuroscience that says the brain LOOKS for what it's expectations are...

Back in the day it was suggested that you should tailor Astrological guidance based on someone's social class, and unless you came from the upper echelon of tres' rich society...your cosmic prognosis was pretty bad.

But that's just not the case today.

I believe strongly you're not defined by your circumstances. That you're designed for growth and evolution, not limitation. 

Your birth chart contains your every potential, positive or negative

So much of the knowledge Cosmic Guidance in the world FOCUSES on the negative, and leaves out so much of the positive. As someone who trained with an Astrologer who began studying in the 1960's, the old tradition of "read for the social status of someone" runs HARD through most Astrological teachings, including many modern ones.

But since EVERY potential lies in there, shouldn't you be given the guideposts to recognize what is yours to heal,but also see the beauty, gifts, magic, and miracle potential that you have?

  • When you’re struggling to get your business to take off, it’s in your chart. 
  • When you’re struggling to find the love of your life, it’s in your chart.
  • When you’re trying to have a good relationship with your boss, or your mom, and you’re mad as hell. The roots of it show up in your chart.

the Results that happen when someone in struggling see's not only the wounds..
...but practical steps to start healing
....aspects of themselves that need to be nurtured to be successful
....and deep confirmation that they ARE on the right path
it's nothing short of magic. 

The most profound thing that I’ve witnessed in my own life and the lives of countless clients over the years is what happens when you dive into your chart. 

When you play in the energies, not as this one time “show me what you got” kind of thing….

But as a place you return to time and time again to peel back the layers. 

Because in one season of your life…
You’re struggling to charge livable prices in your new business, and it boils down to a little side quest in mastering your Venus energy. 

In another season,
you find yourself fighting with the person that may just be the love of your life but you keep shutting them out when you need to be open, and you’re afraid you’re going to lose them. You find the answer in a new layer of some of your own Venus energy. 

In another season, 
You’re devastated because you find yourself angry and resentful at the child you love so dearly, only to find it
again has roots in mastering your Venus energy. 

Which is why the stars come every night, because they aren’t this one time guide post to send you on your way…
They have wisdom that is meant to be returned to time,
after time,
after time.

Welcome to the Stellar Sanctuary

Your safe haven for self discovery where anything is possible.
Your potential is unique, but endless.
and Miracles are real.

Profound Self Discoveries Each Month


Discover what energies you need to master to be recognized in your career. Heal your relationships with your parents and step into being the decision maker in your life. How to successfully stay committed to goals and habits for life. 

-Career Line Mini-Course 

-Your Natal Saturn In the Signs

-Saturn in the Houses

-Your Side Quests aka Saturn Aspects

-Saturn Transiting the Houses

-Saturn Transiting the Natal Planets


Where do you need to stand out from the crowd? What spiritual practices help you raise your consciousness?What type of influencer are you on social media? What friend group do you need to surround yourself with the manifest your dream life? Answers to these questions and more in the Aquarius season lessons. 

-11th House mini-course

(all things Manifestation & Influence)

-Your Natal Uranus Sign

-Uranus in the Houses

-Your Side Quests aka Uranus Aspects

-Uranus Transiting the houses

-Uranus transiting the Natal Planets


Where are prone to self-sabotage out of self protection? What energies in your life can lead you into periods of dissociation or addiction? Where are you most open to the energetic and psychic undercurrents? All this and more answered in Pisces Season. 

-12th House mini-course

(All things self-sabotage & addiction patterns)

-Your Natal Neptune Sign

-Neptune in the Houses

-Your Side Quests aka Neptune Aspects

-Neptune Transiting the Houses

-Neptune transiting the Natal Planets


How can you keep yourself motivated? Where do you have trouble sticking up for yourself or following through on your desires? Where can anger get the best of you? How are you best suited to style yourself to meet your goals in the world? What traits and values can you play up in your life to have more success? All this and more in the Aries season Lessons.

-Ascendant mini-course

-Your Natal Mars Sign

-Mars in the Houses

-Your Side Quests aka Mars Aspects

-Mars Transiting the Houses

-Mars transiting the Natal Planets


What wounds keep you from being open to receive, how can you heal them? What needs do you most need met in a loving relationship? Where has your self worth most been attacked, and how can you begin to repair it? What is your money planet, and how can you open yourself to more financial abundance? 


-2nd House mini-course

(All things money & improving self worth)

-Your Natal Venus Sign

-Venus in the Houses

-Your Side Quests aka Venus Aspects

-Venus Transiting the Houses

-Venus transiting the Natal Planets


Define your natural voice and way energies that support your natural expression. Discover the blocks that can keep you from being afraid to share, or doubting the power of your ideas and voice. Find your unique path to hacking your mindset. Delve into your natural learning style, so you can more rapidly intake new systems and tools. All this and more in the Gemini Season Lessons. 

-3rd House mini-course

(Finding your voice)

-Your Natal Mercury Sign

-Mercury in the Houses

-Your Side Quests aka Mercury Aspects

-Mercury Transiting the Houses

-Mercury transiting the Natal Planets


What needs do you most require to be met to feel safe in the world? How do you pull yourself out of survival mode? What is your ideal home life like? What are the personal mythologies that keep you stuck in survival mode and out of your destiny? What are some of your intuitive gifts? A deep dive into Lunar Returns and your Progressed Moon. All this and more in the Cancer Season Lessons.

-4th House mini-course

(Home and Intuitive Connection)

-Your Natal Moon Sign

-Moon in the Houses

-Your Side Quests aka Moon Aspects

-Moon Transiting the Houses

-Moon transiting the Natal Planets

-Your Lunar Return Guide

-Progressed Moon Guide


How do you create energy and vitality in your life? What is your natural form of expression that serves your lifelong success? Blocks that keep you from being able to show up in your full radiance in the world? How to heal so you're unafraid to be yourself and shine your light in the world. How to tap into your inner creatrix and bring creative projects out into the world. All this and more in the Leo Season Lessons.

-5th House mini-course

(All things creative expression!)

-Your Natal Sun Sign

-Sun in the Houses

-Your Side Quests aka Sun Aspects

-Sun Transiting the Houses

-Sun transiting the Natal Planets


Your unique blueprint to changing your habits. What fitness & daily routines are best for you? A deep dive into your deepest wound through your Chiron placements. Uncover what you can heal in your life currently, through Chiron transit library. All this and more in the Virgo Season Lessons.


-6th House mini-course

(How to Create Positive Habits, Exercise Routines, and Ideal Work setup)

-Your Natal Chiron Sign

-Chiron in the Houses

-Your Side Quests aka Chiron Aspects

-Chiron Transiting the Houses

-Chiron transiting the Natal Planets


How can you recognize an ideal partner for life and business? What qualities are you most looking for in other people to support you in balancing your life? A quick dive into relationship charts. Understand what you're moving towards in life to secure your destiny. What do you need to overcome before you master your ideal path in life? All this and more in the Libra Season Lessons.

-7th House mini-course

(All things Relationships)

-Your Natal North Node Sign

-North Node in the Houses

-Your Side Quests aka North Node Aspects

-North Node Transiting the Houses

-North Node transiting the natal Planets


A powerhouse of a month of lessons. Mastering your Pluto is becoming the Alchemist or the Magician. It's the place where you stop "emptying out" energies that have caused you harm or made you feel powerless, and rather learning to transmute them so you can hold on to your personal power. Learn how to tap into this energy, transform your shadow, and become a source of generating your own personal power.This and more and the Scorpio Season Lessons.


-8th House mini-course

(Meet your Shadow Self, Ancestral Healing)

-Your Natal Pluto Sign

-Pluto in the Houses

-Your Side Quests aka Pluto Aspects

-Pluto Transiting the Houses

-Pluto transiting the Natal Planets


What is your unique strategy for manifestation? What energies do you need to master before you can successful manifest your dream life? How do you change your beliefs, and create a more supportive paradigm to live in? How to overcome shadows that block you from abundance and expansion in your life. All this and more in the Sagittarius Season Lessons.

-9th House mini-course

(Creating a New Paradigm for yourself)

-Your Natal Jupiter Sign

-Jupiter in the Houses

-Your Side Quests aka Jupiter Aspects

-Jupiter Transiting the Houses

-Jupiter transiting the Natal Planets

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What's Inside

The Stellar Sanctuary

Monthly Guided Lessons

No more frantic googling parts of your chart only to get wet noodle info. The monthly lessons guide you to explore every nook and cranny of your chart, so you can integrate it into life changing actions not just "that's cool" information. Which is what it's really about right!?

You'll build your Library of You, cultivating transformational insights that create real world changes in your business, habits, and relationships.

Lunar Cycle Bliss  

Honestly, most of the Collective New & Full Moon talk I hear is problematic to me as an Astrologer. Welcome to my solution. See how each lunation is impacting you, like for real for real.

It's the difference between hearing about Cinderella and watching a pumpkin turn to a carriage in front of your eyes. Boost the power of the Lunar cycle by illuminating how it's working ON your life. 

Masterclasses to upgrade your knowledge

Revealing some of the most potent Astrological knowledge and tools with descriptions that make it easy to implement no matter your skill level. From the basic formula that beginners can integrate powerful reflections into their lives, while also sharing the advanced tactics for coaches and practitioners to broaden your skills.  

Astrologer in your Back Pocket 

Those tricky life questions that come up that doesn't feel like paying 100+ dollars a session, now have a place for you to get in depth answers. Come live and ask your questions about your chart and get a mini-reading!

Current live sessions run 2x a month on Thursdays. One is at 10:30am ET, another at 7:30pm ET. As the Sanctuary grows, the number of calls increase.


The Sanctuary is currently closed

To be notified when doors open, please join the waitlist

Meet Your Teacher, Kacy Danae

Kacy's journey with Astrology began during a Dark Night of the Soul bringing her path altering healing. In 2019, about to abandon Astrology when she asked for a "Neon Clear Sign" if she was meant to continue. Within a week she was randomly introduced to Dorothy Ann Malkie, with over 50 years as a practicing Astrologist and teacher. Kacy has now been studying the ancient practice for over 7 years, alongside herbalism and Human Design. She believes in the infinite capacity for healing, evolution, and growth is within each individual. Her guidance is designed to help you see your innate brilliance with down to earth ways to integrate the wisdom into tangible results. 
Kacy is a 5/1 splenic projector, Scorpio Sun & stellium, Leo Moon, Libra Rising, Cancer Midheaven. 


How Long Is Enrollment Open?

Enrollment is typically 2 weeks from open date. Please join the waitlist to be notified of the next enrollment period. 

Do I need to have astrology knowledge to join?

You do not have to have Astrological Knowledge to join! Each Lesson will guide you through how to navigate your natal chart to find all of your placements quickly with a free tool. If you are not comfortable learning how to find parts of your birth chart with a free tool and guidance, this is not the membership for you. 

Why do we teach you how to find planets, signs, and the house a planet is in your natal chart? Because it makes sure you have the most in depth access to information about your natal chart + your transit chart (which is your real time cosmic lessons). With 5 minutes of learning, you have a whole world of integratable guidance at your fingertips.

When Will Enrollment Be Open Again?

It is not currently known when enrollment will happen again. All launching is based in the charts of this business and Kacy's personal chart. So quick answer :when the stars align ;) 

Will lifetime access always be available? 

It is currently unknown how long the lifetime access bonus will be available. 

What time are the Mini-Reading Live Calls?

Currently calls are on every other Thursday either at 10:30am Eastern Time OR 7:30pm Eastern Time. As more members join, more days and times will be added to accommodate different schedules & time zones. 

Is there captioning available on Videos?

Yes! All instruction and guidance videos have subtitles! 

As an Entrepreneur will this help me?

Yes! There are certain strategies and guidance around career, money, habit, and belief system formation. Beyond this, your birth chart shows what you have as resources and shadows to move through in your life. If you are struggling with something in your business, your chart is part of your path through it. 

For example?

Struggling to feel like an authority in your niche and make decisions? You need a Deep dive into the Saturn Lessons. 

Struggling to feel like what you create is good enough, doubting yourself and your work? You need a Deep Dive into the Sun Lessons. 

Struggling to charge or find yourself giving up on launches/selling half way through? The Venus Lessons are calling to you. 

Struggling with something in particular or wondering when your best time to launch is? Join Kacy for a Live mini-reading session for 1:1 support. 

What is Your Refund Policy?

Due to the nature of this offering, no refunds will be given. 

You can cancel the monthly membership before your 12 payments are up, but the paid in full is non-refundable. You will have lifetime access to the Sanctuary. 

Can I Pause my membership?

If you are on the month to month plan, you can cancel your membership at any time. However you will not be able to re-enroll until another period where the doors are open. 

The Sanctuary is currently closed

To be notified when doors open, please join the waitlist