Stellar Self Care

An Astrological Guide to Feeling Nourished & Motivated


WOW WOW WOW! I feel seen to the depths of my soul!"

-Lee S. Capricorn Sun

Does part of you want to live barefoot on the beach, and another part of you have your eye on a corner office & mansion to go with it? 

I've got you.

You're not crazy to feel like you've got all these different pieces or versions of you duking it out inside of you. You are a beautifully unique multidimensional being and that doesn't have to be complicated. You don't need to spend a decade or an entire lifetime trying to figure out what you need and to balance all parts of yourself. 

Astrology does all the heavy lifting for you. Breaking down all those competing parts of you & letting you know exactly what you need to feel motivated, lit up, purpose driven, motivated, and engaged with others.

The Stellar Self-Care guide gives you the ability to peel back the curtain and know with certainty what makes you tick! Learn what gives you a kick in the pants, how to show up for your purpose, and so much more! 

This guide is an indispensable tool for understanding what you (or a loved one) most needs to function at their best! 

Tired of Feeling Drained & Unmotivated?

These are big warning signs that you're not meeting all of your needs. It's so easy to get lost in the confusing thoughts of "Maybe this would make me happy" or "Maybe this will boost my energy". Not knowing what you need to fill your cup can make you even more exhausted trying to dream up the right solution. 

Those days are over. You came with an instruction manual and with Astrology you don't have to wonder what is going to recharge your battery or give you that kick in the pants. You get your time & energy back by knowing how to troubleshoot you!  

The Stellar Self-Care Astrology guide gives you tangible steps to start replenishing your energy and tapping into your deeper purpose right away. 

Shared as first person "I am" or "me" statements, the guide gives you clarity on how to make the most of being uniquely you. 

This Stellar guide has validated my whole being and has ignited something inside of me to reach for more WHILE honouring who I am. The things I sense and feel are very unreal at times and it's challenging to articulate them to others. I really loved that I had recently said that I don't want to explain my gifts to anyone, or put myself in a box. Those exact words were expressed in the guide and it blew my mind. I felt seen on a deep soul level. I also loved how easy it was to follow, and was beautifully presented.

Lee S.

Capricorn Sun

This guide not only told me things about myself that I hadn't connected before, but also gave me several ways to stay on course, enrich my life and heal in ways I've not thought of. The whole guide resonated with me deeply and helped me have a much better understanding of how to care for myself in all areas of my life and I'm so thankful to have this reference!

Larissa G.

Scorpio Sun


Common Questions about the guide

Can I order guides for other people?


The guides are the perfect resource for understanding your lover, friends, or children on a deeper level.

You will have the option to increase the number you are purchasing by "adding on" each additional guide. Just make sure you input all chart information on the intake page.

Will I instantly get the guide?

You will get the guide via email within 12 business days. The guides are personalized to your placements and have to be created just for you.

Are there discounts for multiple orders? 

Yes! Just use code to take 11% off of two or more guides.

I've had an Astrology reading before is this for me?

Yes! This is created as a living guide to your own self-exploration and understanding. Even those who have had readings before will love these. 

If for whatever reason you decide it's not for you, simply email within 30 days to receive a full refund.

What is in the Guide

The Sun

How to recharge your batteries, replenish your natural vitality, feel energized, and let your light shine.

The Moon

How to nourish your emotional self & find your inner peace. How to channel your emotional energy in ways that serve your highest good.


How you both like to give and receive information & where your strengths are.


The daily activities, mindsets, & priorities that help you achieve your soul purpose & meet your unique responsibilities in this life.


How you like to receive in your relationship with yourself and others. What you desire in community & love.


How to tap into your "go" power. How you best like to take action.


Tap into your keys to abundance, expansion, and your limitless being

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee if You're Not Satisfied.

Beautifully written, spot on and offers much to process!

Keriann W.

Cancer Sun