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When you’re born with the Sun in Aries you increase your natural Energy and Vitality through beginning new things, taking risks, and staying active. Your Sun Sign is far more than just your Personality, it’s the key to unlocking your inner fire and life force energy.

Affirmations for Aries Sun:

 I embrace my natural competitive streak, seeking out experiences like team sports, chess, and activism that let me fight to win in an honorable way. 

When my temper starts to flair, I recognize that it’s time for me to burn off some energy through exercise or lively good humored debate with willing sparing partners. 

I understand that I like to start things more than I like to finish or maintain them. I give myself permission to start new projects, hobbies, and interests knowing that it is likely they are temporary. As such, I don’t make large investments for new projects or hobbies.

I tap into my inner warrior to defend those who don’t have strong defenses. I use my voice, energy, and will to stand up for those who aren’t able to stand for themselves. 

I look for situations & opportunities in work, home, and pleasure that allow me to pioneer situations and bring forth new ideas.

I am not created to exist in comfort zones. I am created for adventure and crashing through my own fears and glass ceilings. I cannot be caged in. I embrace my fierceness and do not dim my power for anyone. 

When I am facing what I fear, I am on the right path. 

About the author 

Kacy Danae

Kacy is a Tea Swigging, Cat loving, Astrologist & Herbalist obsessed with cheerleading women to true fulfillment in all areas of their life by living out their charts. She combines Astrology & Herbalism together seamlessly, giving both guidance and support. She lives on a farm in West Virginia with her partner, dogs, and cats.

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