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Aries Eclipse: Entering Your New Era

Eclipses are a time of transformation. Where we are collectively and personally swept into a new chapter in our lives. They require certain energy from us to move through them in a way that is most supportive. Read on to discover how the upcoming Aries Eclipse, which will occur on April 20th, 2022, is impacting you.

The Significance of Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and as such, it represents new beginnings and fresh starts. As this Eclipse is at the anaretic 29th degree, what you’re starting is something that has been on your heart for a long time. It will also require you to close out a chapter that you may not feel ready to let go of immediately. It is a sign of action, courage, and determination. When an eclipse occurs in Aries, it can be an especially potent time for setting new intentions and taking bold steps forward.

The Impact of the Aries Eclipse

This Aries Eclipse is a time of devoting yourself to a Great Work. One that will require sustained dedication and belief that YOU are the one to bring your vision to life. Your faith will be tested, and there is no going through this without embracing some inner courage. Expect whatever you take on (or find a chapter being opened for you) during this time to bring up your deepest shadows and wounding.

The art of this new chapter is by letting it transform you, rather than try to force it to get you to a destination. Success will happen, but it’s going to require you to embrace the inner work and stay devoted to the vision even when you feel like things are against you.

You must believe that you can bring your unique vision to life, and that you don’t have to follow anyone else's “success strategy” to make the most of the experience. Be brave enough to find your own way of doing things.

Embracing the Aries Eclipse

To fully embrace the energy of the Aries Eclipse, take some time to reflect on the guidance set out below based on what house this eclipse is falling in. For a deeper dive into this eclipse & how it is impacting you fully join the Stellar Sanctuary for deeper guidance on each New & Full Moon. Set clear intentions and make a plan for how you will take action towards your goals based on how this Eclipse is impacting you, and be prepared to release any energies that are holding you back from entering this next chapter whole heartedly.

Support for the Eclipse

The energy of this eclipse is requiring you to release shadow patterns that have weighed you down possibly your whole life. Any wounds of not believing that you’re worthy or capable enough to create the life you desire will be dredged up over the next 6 months as you navigate this eclipse portal blossoming in your life.

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Your Eclipse Horoscope: Read for the house this eclipse is occurring in or for your rising sign

1st House/Aries Rising

To truly embody the qualities you desire to represent, it's essential to initiate projects and habits that align with your vision. This also means bringing closure to a previous way of being in the world. This encompasses everything from your clothing choices and demeanor to your personal style, as well as giving yourself permission to express your inner growth through your outer world.

2nd House/Pisces Rising

To improve your confidence and financial situation, focus on changing validating habits related to self-worth and material possessions. A change in one area can affect the other. If most of your planets are in the upper half of your natal chart, start by working with material possessions. If most of your planets are in the lower half, begin with inner work.

3rd House/Aquarius Rising

You have been tasked with initiating and completing projects and practices related to both new and outdated mindsets, unleashing your true voice, and communication. By exploring new approaches, you can unlock a deeper sense of confidence. It is recommended that you embark on writing, speaking, or teaching ventures at this time. Remember that progress in this area often requires work on your mindset, so do not hesitate to start there.

4th House/Capricorn Rising

Prioritize your own needs, trust your intuition, and create a home life that nurtures you. You can update your home, change how you interact with those around you, or simply take more time for self-care. Follow your instincts and establish a sanctuary for yourself, prioritizing your physical and emotional well-being.

5th House/Sagittarius Rising

This is a time to pursue creative projects and hobbies, and to nurture your inner child. Take your time with these pursuits and remember to have fun. The focus of this period is on playfulness, joy, and incorporating more of these elements into your life, even while working on larger creative endeavors. Consider trying out new hobbies or taking a break to enjoy a vacation or other fun activities.

6th House/Scorpio Rising

It’s time to release working environments, habits, and health practices to make room for new more supportive ones. This includes adopting healthy habits such as changing what you consume (not just food, but also social media, conversations, etc.), and changing up workspaces or daily routines to better support your true desires and needs. This requires a strong effort to break bad habits.

7th House/Libra Rising

You are asked to release old ways of being in relationship, or certain relationships to make room for new more supportive ones. This applies to romantic partnerships, friendships, and even acquaintances. The quality of relationships you desire is around the corner if you take responsibility for the roles you have in any negative habits.

8th House/Virgo Rising

You are tasked with releasing old habits related to absorbing other people's energy, to make room for new more supportive interactions. This can mean creating new energetic boundaries with others, but it can also involve physical exchanges of resources, such as sharing money with a partner. You should also explore new ways of embracing your sexuality and desires.

9th House/Leo Rising

Upgrade your belief system to embrace a new chapter in your life. See the world through a new lens by actively working with your belief system, taking a new course, or embracing a bigger travel experience. Use this energy over the next 6 months to make your world bigger in some way. You may also step into a teaching or mastery role.

10th House/Cancer Rising

You're being asked to start and finish projects that relate to your career and public image. This is a time to accept a new role and change how others perceive you. You get to do things your own way, not just meet expectations. It's also an indication to make a career change or start a new project that requires dedication over the next few months or years.

11th House/Gemini Rising

Start and finish projects and habits related to your bigger hopes and dreams, connect with a supportive community that shares your vision, and recognize your ability to make a difference in the world. If you own a business, concentrate on your social media strategy and building your network. Be courageous and authentic.

12th House/Taurus Rising

You’re being asked to let go of habits that prevent you from taking risks, especially those related to shadows and self-protection. Focus on who you’re being rather than what you’re doing. Prioritize practices that help you focus on your intentions and energetic body. To manifest your vision, work on your inner self through meditation, visualization, and other behind-the-scenes work.

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