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The South Node transiting Scorpio:
what is to be released....

As the South Node moves through Scorpio the sign of the unconscious mind itself, this often brings up deep seated shadows. Blockages that are ancestral or extend beyond your current lifetime. But also limitations and patterns of behavior that cause harm at worst and at best keep you from achieving success because of malfunctions in trying to meet your needs.

 For example the girl who gets too drunk at parties and overshares, the root of that is that she deeply desires connection and being seen but lacks the faith that a long term relationship (romantic or otherwise) can meet all those needs. Looking back In her life, she may have a parent or parents who weren’t physically or at least emotional present in the home and she now has lost faith that her need for connection will be met. 

Another example would be the person who is an excellent and naturally talented musician. His band teacher encourages him to pursue a career in music, he is just so gifted. But he comes from a long line of blue collar “hard working men”, and “music is a great way to starve”. He goes to school for music, he pushes against his ancestral stories. But now he’s struggling and on the verge of giving up. He keeps messing up due to nerves in auditions. If he screws up anymore he may have to give up music after all. He is now faced with going to the root and finding confidence in himself and his own path. Finding a meaning in his pursuit when he’s struggling, and when he succeeds.

The South Node moving over your Scorpio planets is a time of staring straight into the face of the demons that haunt your subconscious, that have you doing things that make you go “OMG why am I like this?!” After the fact. Facing them down, turning the light fully on them, and self validating yourself to create a new story with confidence.

The North Node transiting Taurus: 
What is to be integrated

Any planet in Scorpio being passed over by the South Node is automatically opposing the North Node in Taurus, meaning that once you’ve faced the shadows/unconscious beliefs/demons you have to integrate the skills of Taurus. 

These shadows won’t be eradicated overnight, you must consistently respond to them in a new way. 

You must believe that pleasure and comfort is something worthwhile, and possible. Give yourself the chance to appreciate the sensual delights of life daily, not just special occasions. Good foods, spending time in nature, caring for your body are all ways to incorporate pleasure daily. 

Ultimately, each of our souls carry wounding that says “something horrific can happen”. The other side of the coin is that Something incredible can happen. Believing that you can enjoy your life. That goodness awaits you (not just pain and trauma). And that you have (or will have)  the inner and outer resources to handle whatever comes your way in life.

Depending on which house the south node is passing though. Your challenge lies in releasing blockages to your….

1st Houseself image, sense of Style, ability to be a leader in your own life, confidence 

2nd House self worth, money, trust in your innate gifts and talents being good enough to succeed in life 

3rd Houseyour mindset, ability to relate to others, communication style, relationship with siblings

4th House - putting down roots, feeling like you belong, your personal mythology, family of origin 

5th House - creativity, self expression, children/childhood, ability to playfully explore life, ability to have fun, dating 

6th House -  health, daily habits, work life, being of service to the world in a meaningful way 

7th House - relationships, boundaries/holding your ground with other people

8th House - sexuality, how you take on the energy of others, ability to cope with the realities of life such a your own mortality/tragic hardships we all face

9th House your beliefs, religious experiences, ability to access expansive experiences such as traveling abroad/higher education

10th House - your Mission in life, career moves, public Identity (how the public perceives you)

11th House-  your Hopes and Dreams, community, circle of Friends, social Media

12th House - self sabotaging behaviors, ways you escape reality, Spiritual + Energetic practices & boundaries 

Do you have a natal planet in Scorpio? 

Tips for how to navigate the South Node Transiting your Natal Planets

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