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South Node Transits: A Guide to Clearing the Negative and Embracing the Positive

What are South Node Transits?

The South Node is one of the two points where the Moon's orbit intersects with the ecliptic. In astrology, it represents our past, our comfort zone, and our karmic baggage. When the South Node transits a natal planet, it's like a cosmic reset button. This transit is designed to clear out any negative manifestations associated with that planet, for good. It's an opportunity to leave behind old habits, mindsets, and beliefs that have been holding you back.

The Power of South Node Conjunct Planets

During a South Node transit in conjunction with a natal planet, you have the power to cut ties with energies that have been impacting you negatively. These are often things that you've struggled with for quite some time but haven't been able to shake. The South Node portal is like a hole opening up below your energy field and sucking out whatever is poured into it. This energy is neutral, so it's up to you to consciously offer up what you want to release, otherwise you'll just feel drained by this transit. 

The good news is that this transit also allows you to embrace the positive energy associated with that planet. By letting go of the negative, you make space for the positive to come in. This is a powerful opportunity for growth and transformation.

How to Work with South Node Transits

During a South Node transit in conjunction with a natal planet, you can cut ties with negative habits, mindsets, beliefs, and energies that have been holding you back. These may be long-term struggles, but this transit offers the chance to leave them behind for good. Embrace the energy of the South Node and let it propel you on your journey of self-discovery. Recognize the signs of the transit and consciously release negative energy to make space for positive growth. The South Node portal is neutral, so it's up to you to decide what to bring into the future.

South Node Conjunct Your Moon

The South Node conjunct your Moon presents an opportunity to release emotional energies and subconscious tendencies that are doing more harm than good. During this time, you may experience blocks to your intuition and soulful nourishment. Often, issues with the moon stem from childhood and relationships with the mother, whether as a mother or with your own mother. You may feel unworthy of unconditional love or have a tendency to prioritize the needs of others over your own.

These tendencies are often unconscious and may not be apparent at other times in your life. You may not even be able to identify the root cause of your behavior.

Your task is to prioritize self-care, nourishment, and trust in your own intuition and inner knowing. You must take care of yourself and put yourself first. Remember, you are worthy of love and care.

Depending on which house the south node is passing though. Your challenge lies in releasing blockages to your….

1st Houseself image, sense of Style, ability to be a leader in your own life, confidence 

2nd House self worth, money, trust in your innate gifts and talents being good enough to succeed in life 

3rd Houseyour mindset, ability to relate to others, communication style, relationship with siblings

4th House - putting down roots, feeling like you belong, your personal mythology, family of origin 

5th House - creativity, self expression, children/childhood, ability to playfully explore life, ability to have fun, dating 

6th House -  health, daily habits, work life, being of service to the world in a meaningful way 

7th House - relationships, boundaries/holding your ground with other people

8th House - sexuality, how you take on the energy of others, ability to cope with the realities of life such a your own mortality/tragic hardships we all face

9th House your beliefs, religious experiences, ability to access expansive experiences such as traveling abroad/higher education

10th House - your Mission in life, career moves, public Identity (how the public perceives you)

11th House-  your Hopes and Dreams, community, circle of Friends, social Media

12th House - self sabotaging behaviors, ways you escape reality, Spiritual + Energetic practices & boundaries 

South Node in the Signs

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South Node Transiting the Natal Planets

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