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What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences, also known as flower remedies, are a form of vibrational remedies that have been used to promote healing spiritually, energetically, and emotionally for hundreds if not thousands of years. In indigenous cultures, the dew that was found on the flowers was considered to have healing properties. This ancient healing can be found in many different cultures spanning over thousands of years, but was popularized in the 1930’s with British physician Dr. Edward Bach.

Dr.Bach and his remedies were born out of looking to find the root cause of disease, rather than just working to mask symptoms. His work focused on not just the physical body, but how the spiritual and emotional of a person corresponded to their overall health, energy, and ability to thrive in the world. His original 38 essence blends are still popular to this day.

How are they made? 

Flower essences are made by infusing the energy of a flower into water. The resulting solution is then preserved with alcohol or glycerin. The essence contains the vibrational energy of the flower and its healing patterns work on the energy systems in the body, to heal your subtle body, spirit, energetics, mindset, and emotional self.

I myself was really skeptical about flower essences, discovering them while seriously studying traditional Western Herbalism. My first experience with an essence was with one I made myself, Yarrow flower essence. Renowned as powerful boundary medicine, my first month working with yarrow I stopped identifying as an empath, cleared enmeshment patterns that had been built as a trauma response, and for the first time in many years was able to go out and socialize without crippling anxiety. Needless to say, I quickly felt the power in this subtle medicine.

How Do Flower Essences Work?

Flower essences is that they work by restoring balance to the body's energy system. Each flower has its own way of working on the body. Just like how hanging out with certain friends or acquaintances can bring about transformations in yourself, working with these plant allies do the same. By working with a single essence or blend, you can restore balance, shift patterns, and create changes working from the inside out.

Flower essences are taken orally, either by placing a few drops under your tongue or by adding drops to a glass of water. The usual amount is 1-3 drops up to several times a day. You can work with an essence on a situation by situation basis, but usually you want to work with them for a several weeks or months. For example with Yarrow, I worked with it for two months and now only work with it during certain situations where I don’t want to take on the energy of others.

Benefits of Flower Essences

Flower essences are one of the most powerful way to work with plants safely. Even poisonous or toxic plants can be safely consumed as an essence. Children and pets are also able to take flower essences, making them great for the whole family.

Working with Essences & Your Astrology

Your birth chart shows you the energy you have available to you in this lifetime. That energy can become a negative manifestation, or a positive manifestation. The process of rising into the highest expressions of your chart, often needs a little loving support to make it happen. That’s where flower essences come in.

I’ve always said, the chart is the map…the plants are the support system that take the journey with you. They stand side by side with you while you fight of the insecurities of the 2nd house, or when they make you doubt staying steadfast in your mission with a 10th house Saturn. They help you to step into the best versions of yourself, and the season that you’re in (through transits and solar return chart).

This vision of working with plants and your astrology in this way is over 6 years in the making, and I’m so excited and honored to be able to introduce you to the plants that make you more powerful, confident, energetic, and devoted to your own path…

About the author, Kacy Danae

Kacy is an in demand Astrologer for Business and Personal transformation. She's worked with hundreds of clients around the globe to create businesses and social media communities that align with their sacred talents. While also enriching their home, family, and relationships. Kacy works 1:1 with clients and offers a range of teaching & group programs. She helps people stay in tune with the Daily Forecast each day on Instagram Stories.

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