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Jupiter in Taurus: Expansion through Presence, Pleasure, and Grounding

Jupiter is in Taurus from May 16, 2023 - May 25, 2024 and won’t enter Taurus again until 2035. Collectively our growth and expansion process is being brought down to earth. Ideally, this means you'll experience REAL presence and pleasure in your life. For some, this will bring a focus on materialism and over extending on empty "luxuries". 

The most supportive way to work with this Jupiter transit, and respond to your Jupiter transits while the planet of growth and expansion moves through Taurus is below. To find your transits, please use the free transit calculator & discover how to work with your Jupiter transits on the blog. 

Embodied Presence

Taking care of your sensual body is a priority during this time. Find pleasure and peace in being in the moment rather than escaping it. To be fully present in your life, enjoy the "simple things" in life that make it oh so very rich. Discover these, and you'll feel like you've won the lottery even if your bank account is something you're still consistently doing manifestation work on.

Slow & Steady Progress

It's important to remember that Jupiter in Taurus is about slow and incremental progress that becomes consistency. It's deliberate, unhurried, with loads of room for pausing, presence, and smelling the flowers along the way. This is where the sweet spot for growth is.

Working with this Energy in Your Life

To work with this energy, take the vision of where you want to be one year from now, and slowly start incrementally adding habits, routines, and pleasures into your daily life. Make sure you're adding plenty of time for slowness, sweetness, pleasure, and play.

Bring the energy of Jupiter in Taurus into your life

The most supportive tool I've discover to compliment any planetary energy in your life is to work with supportive plant allies, either through Elixirs or Flower Essences. The energy of Jupiter in Taurus requires presence, patiences, embodiment, and the ability to engage with simple sensual pleasures in life. 

Damiana Elixir


" I want to feel alive in my body" 

Presence Flower Essence


"I want to be here now"

Wood Betony Elixir 

"I want out of my head!" 

Jupiter in Taurus Horoscopes 

Jupiter in the First House/Taurus Rising: Finding Your Authentic Self

Jupiter in the first house invites you to start incrementally becoming the person you most desire to be. It's time to ground and steady yourself. Find confidence in your pace in life, know that people come to you for your consistent pace and energy. You're starting a brand new chapter of growth, and it starts by BEING the person you want to be. Ignore the shaky legs, and make slow and steady progress. 

Jupiter in the Second House/Aries Rising: Creating Abundance and Financial Stability

With Jupiter in the second house, you may experience an increase in financial abundance and stability. But understand that slow and steady wins the race. Your responsibility is to get grounded, be practical, and make incremental changes that will add up over time. Your presence is what is needed to grow your finances, as you are there for yourself and moving at a pace that allows for pleasure you gain more self confidence and inner validation. 

Jupiter in the Third House/Pisces Rising: Expanding Your Mind and Communication Skills

Jupiter in the third house inspires you to broaden your horizons and explore new ideas. This transit can also improve your communication skills and encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions with others, as well as a great time to take up learning a new skill. Don't let anyone rush your pace. Remember that overnight changes have a tendency to change back rapidly. You're looking for slow and steady mindset changes/lessons that have the capacity to radically change your life slowly over time. Make sure you're grounding whatever your learning into practical experiences. This is one time you don't want to be stuck in your head. 

Jupiter in the Fourth House/Aquarius Rising: Finding Comfort and Security at Home

During Jupiter's transit through the fourth house, you may find comfort and security in your home and family life. This transit encourages you to focus on your emotional well-being and prioritize self-care. It's time to go deep in yourself and establish a connection with your intuition and your animal body. It requires you to get out of your own head and start noticing how sensations and subtle "vibes" don't lead you astray. You're getting yourself centered before a major creative push and project next year. So make yourself a "nest" so to speak and trust whatever intuitive moves you need to make incremental progress in your life. 

Jupiter in the Fifth House/Capricorn Rising: Expressing Your Creativity and Following Your Joy

Jupiter in the fifth house invites you to express your creativity and explore your passions. This transit can bring joy, romance, and a sense of playfulness to your life. Embracing play and creativity means embracing messes and imperfection and spontaneity. You don't have to have it all together, and great things take time to build. You're learning how to make steady progress with plenty of time for pleasure. Embrace your inner child and if you've got a creative project on your plate don't rush it to the end. Leave room for changes that come through focused presence playing through the project. 

Jupiter in the Sixth House/Sagittarius Rising: Prioritizing Your Health and Daily Routines

With Jupiter in the sixth house, you may feel a strong desire to prioritize your health and daily routines. This transit encourages you to focus on self-improvement and develop healthy habits. Here's the thing...whatever you do don't try to change things overnight. You need to be making slow and steady progress on your goals. While understanding that unless something fits in your deeper beliefs about the world, you're less likely to follow through on it. So get big picture and take a year to make changes. Once you do something (positive or negative) regularly it has a tendency to really stick. So trust yourself building momentum and progress over time. 

Jupiter in the Seventh House/Scorpio Rising: Building Strong Relationships and Partnerships

During Jupiter's transit through the seventh house, you may experience an increase in your social life and build strong relationships and partnerships. This transit encourages you to focus on the quality of your relationships. Spend time with the people that matter to you. Slow down and be present with them, and you'll reap a lot of rewards. Ask yourself how you can bring more pleasure and play into your relationships. Really spend your time cherishing relationships that support your growth and make you feel alive and present in your body regularly, rather than trying to push you into being something that you're not. 

Jupiter in the Eighth House/Libra Rising: Transforming Through Deep Intimacy and Energetic Exchanges 

Jupiter in the eighth house can bring transformation through deep intimacy and shared resources. This transit encourages you to explore your innermost desires and develop a deeper understanding of your relationships. Understand that this is going to ask you to dive into your shadow responses. Don't be afraid of admitting to yourself exactly what you want to have grow and expand in your life. There are so many little pleasures you may deny yourself or not ask for because you're afraid of being judged. This shows up in big ways like deeply desiring to be admired, by saying "oh it doesn't matter". But it also shows up in your relationships and energy exchanges. If you desire to have your toes sucked, maybe you should ask your partner if that is something they are open to doing. Start releasing judgement from what your authentic desires are, and you'll discover greater satisfaction in yourself...and your relationships. 

Jupiter in the Ninth House/Virgo Rising: Seeking Knowledge and Expanding Your Horizons

With Jupiter in the ninth house, you may feel a strong desire to seek knowledge and expand your horizons. This transit encourages you to explore new cultures, travel, and pursue higher education. On the most practical level though it's asking you to examine your belief systems. Where have you inadvertently been making your world smaller than it needs to be? It's time to say YES to some experiences that will make you shift your perspective. Doors are opening, and what you believe is possible is a big determinante in what will grow and expand during this season. Think big, say yes to experiences that will challenge how big you're willing to go. 

Jupiter in the Tenth House/Leo Rising: Achieving Success and Recognition in Your Career

During Jupiter's transit through the tenth house, you may experience success and recognition in your career. This transit encourages you to focus on your professional goals and develop leadership skills. This is go big or go home time. Keeping in mind that you need to stay PRESENT and that the big win for you is slow and steady building. Don't rush off on some mental plan that someone else has sold you. You need to start with grounding yourself in your body and intuition, and let daily progress lead the way. 

Jupiter in the Eleventh House/Cancer Rising: Connecting with Like-Minded People and Contributing to a Greater Cause

Jupiter in the eleventh house invites you to connect with like-minded people and contribute to a greater cause. This transit encourages you to focus on your social networks and community involvement.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House/Gemini Rising: Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You and Connecting with Spirituality

With Jupiter in the twelfth house, you may experience a spiritual awakening and a desire to let go of what no longer serves you. This transit encourages you to explore your subconscious mind and connect with your inner wisdom. You're closing out a cycle of expansion that began 12 years ago. So lean into CLOSING doors in your life and tending to the "behind the scenes" pieces that are tugging on your awareness. This also likely means time in nature or solitude to really hear what you need. THe more space and clarity you create in this season, the more room and energy you'll have to start the new season of growth that begins when Jupiter moves into your 1st house. 

Are you under a Jupiter transit? 

Use our free daily transit calculator to discover how the energy of Jupiter is impacting you in REAL time. 

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