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Jupiter transiting your Neptune

Jupiter and Neptune are both rulers of Pisces, the 12th sign in the Zodiac. The final one of turning away from the world and entering into the truth and fullness of your spiritual power. In its highest evolution Pisces is “The World Savior”. Which is often in its purest form just reminding you that you are a spiritual being having a worldly experience, and not the other way around. That your soul is vast, infinite, and unburdened. That energy and the unseen realms are just as powerful as the grand creations of the world/displays of worldly power. 

When Jupiter touches on your natal Neptune it is to remind you that to spend time with your spiritual self. Go out into the silence of nature. Look at your life from the view of the Hawk or Eagle, this tiny life of yours and its problems, versus the infinite vastness of your own being. To allow quiet insights create a breakthrough. To integrate beams of glowing energy, that can somehow shift problems, heaviness, and habits that you’ve carried for eons. Take a moment and celebrate how much you’ve learned and evolved in your time here. Count the blessings and inner resources that you’ve gained that will travel with you in all realms of existence.

Jupiter conjunct your Neptune

As Jupiter is conjunct your own Natal Neptune this usually is a good moment to pull away from the world, because it likely feels like a confusing place anyways. Neptune can be like a fog in your life. It’s better just to pull off on the side of the road, lay your head back, and look into the swirling mist and see what omens and dreams it brings. 

The more quiet and clear you can make your inner voice the greater the breakthroughs that can come through at this time. You’re integrating some energetic or spiritual wisdom that can help shape your beliefs to support your expansion in the future. 

Trying to make sense of opportunities by looking at what others are doing, taking advice, or seeking someone to make choices for likely to end up causing major issues down the line. Your inner voice is the one you should be listening to. 

Mediation, energy work, retreating are all favorable at this time so that you can hear the insights that are arriving. They can change your world. 

Working with Jupiter transits....

Jupiter has outstanding media coverage. The planet of manifestation, gifts, opportunities, doors flying open out of nowhere. Which to be fair, are all Jupiter things. But Jupiter also is tied to the Wheel of Fortune card in Tarot. The wheel spins and the trick is to answer the question correctly to win the prize. 

How do you answer (or respond) to a Jupiter transit in a way to win the prize? 

  1. Be willing to believe in something greater than your current reality. 
  2. Looks for openings to bring that something greater into reality 
  3. Take action to support that expansion 

There is a tendency with Jupiter transits to just sit back, spend your money, and reap your reward. But that is a mistake. Jupiter, like all the other planets want to see you RESPOND to it working in your life. 

The house Jupiter is transiting through AND the house of your natal planet shows where to be looking for opportunity + expansion....

1st Houseself image, sense of Style, ability to be a leader in your own life, confidence 

2nd House self worth, money, trust in your innate gifts and talents being good enough to succeed in life 

3rd Houseyour mindset, ability to relate to others, communication style, relationship with siblings

4th House - putting down roots, feeling like you belong, your personal mythology, family of origin 

5th House - creativity, self expression, children/childhood, ability to playfully explore life, ability to have fun, dating 

6th House -  health, daily habits, work life, being of service to the world in a meaningful way 

7th House - relationships, boundaries/holding your ground with other people

8th House - sexuality, how you take on the energy of others, ability to cope with the realities of life such a your own mortality/tragic hardships we all face

9th House your beliefs, religious experiences, ability to access expansive experiences such as traveling abroad/higher education

10th House - your Mission in life, career moves, public Identity (how the public perceives you)

11th House-  your Hopes and Dreams, community, circle of Friends, social Media

12th House - self sabotaging behaviors, ways you escape reality, Spiritual + Energetic practices & boundaries 

About the author, Kacy Danae

Kacy is a professional Astrologer. She learned her craft through Apprenticeship with Dorothy Ann Malkie, her teacher and friend. She believes Astrology is a premier tool for personal growth and healing. She offers Readings and teaches Astrology classes. Follow her work on Instagram for Daily Astrology Forecasts.

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