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Jupiter transiting your Sun

When Jupiter touches on your natal Sun, it’s a time for a win of the heart by being the person you are born to be. The sun, when in proper working order, showcases your authenticity, confidence, and natural spark. Look for opportunities that make you MORE of who you were designed and born to be. Be true to what sparks passion, vitality, playfulness, and creativity inside of you, even if it runs counter to what everyone’s expectations of you. 

Jupiter Conjunct Your Sun

This is a seed being planted of becoming a more expanded version of who you were born to be. Take notes during this time, what is being asked to come out of you and be recognized. Is it some latent talent? Is it some piece of you that you tucked away but is essential to the flourishing of your authentic personality? 

Look for opportunities to put yourself in a new situations, to explore parts of yourself that the routine experiences of daily life have quashed. Extend yourself into new territories and terrains, physically, mentally, spiritual, and in relationships. 

Be mindful not to overindulge your own needs. Finding yourself spending on flashy things to get recognition or being overly showy signals that there is a part of your personality that hasn’t received real recognition. Ask yourself, what are you hoping all this fanfare will bring to your life? What do you authentically desire to be seen as, and what do you wish to express more openly? 

Working with Jupiter transits....

Jupiter has outstanding media coverage. The planet of manifestation, gifts, opportunities, doors flying open out of nowhere. Which to be fair, are all Jupiter things. But Jupiter also is tied to the Wheel of Fortune card in Tarot. The wheel spins and the trick is to answer the question correctly to win the prize. 

How do you answer (or respond) to a Jupiter transit in a way to win the prize? 

  1. Be willing to believe in something greater than your current reality. 
  2. Looks for openings to bring that something greater into reality 
  3. Take action to support that expansion 

There is a tendency with Jupiter transits to just sit back, spend your money, and reap your reward. But that is a mistake. Jupiter, like all the other planets want to see you RESPOND to it working in your life. 

Imagine it like this....

 you’re under a Jupiter transit to your 5th house and your friendly Astrologer says “hey, maybe you’ll finally win the lottery and be able spend that lottery money on a nice date”. So you buy your regular lottery ticket and sit at home, ice cream in hand, watching shows as you wait for the lottery drawing. Your phone rings, you ignore it. You get a knock on your door. You ignore it. The knocking becomes more incessant so you run out, barely looking, and scream “GET OFF MY LAWN BEFORE I SHOOT YOU, AND DON’T EVEN THINK OF COMING BACK”. 

Your lottery ticket doesn’t win. You’re devastated, and have a tummy ache. 

The phone call you ignored, your high school sweetheart passing through town wanting to see if you could make a last minute dinner. 

The people at the door, Publishers clearing house who politely understood your desire to have folks of your lawn and assumed you wished to live a more private life than win a million dollars. 

This is a rather outlandish example, but for this guy to have successfully navigated his Jupiter transit he would have had to 

  1. Be open to opportunity coming not just from the lottery program he has been buying from for years. An idea that success could reach him anyplace.
  2. Taken any sign or signal (especially the phone ringing or door knocking) as an opportunity. 
  3. Picked up the phone, opened the door etc. 

Which is to say, when under a Jupiter transit it’s easy to sit back and see what lands in your lap. Sometimes something magical will. But to make the most of it, you’ve always got to charge forward. Take a risk. Initiate. Open your mind to a bigger vision than you’ve previously thought possible.

That is the way forward. 

The house Jupiter is transiting through AND the house of your natal planet shows where to be looking for opportunity + expansion....

1st Houseself image, sense of Style, ability to be a leader in your own life, confidence 

2nd House self worth, money, trust in your innate gifts and talents being good enough to succeed in life 

3rd Houseyour mindset, ability to relate to others, communication style, relationship with siblings

4th House - putting down roots, feeling like you belong, your personal mythology, family of origin 

5th House - creativity, self expression, children/childhood, ability to playfully explore life, ability to have fun, dating 

6th House -  health, daily habits, work life, being of service to the world in a meaningful way 

7th House - relationships, boundaries/holding your ground with other people

8th House - sexuality, how you take on the energy of others, ability to cope with the realities of life such a your own mortality/tragic hardships we all face

9th House your beliefs, religious experiences, ability to access expansive experiences such as traveling abroad/higher education

10th House - your Mission in life, career moves, public Identity (how the public perceives you)

11th House-  your Hopes and Dreams, community, circle of Friends, social Media

12th House - self sabotaging behaviors, ways you escape reality, Spiritual + Energetic practices & boundaries 

About the author, Kacy Danae

Kacy is an in demand Astrologer for Business and Personal transformation. She's worked with hundreds of clients around the globe to create businesses and social media communities that align with their sacred talents. While also enriching their home, family, and relationships. Kacy works 1:1 with clients and offers a range of teaching & group programs. She helps people stay in tune with the Daily Forecast each day on Instagram Stories.

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