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Jupiter transiting your Mars

It’s time to channel your warrior spirit. Sometimes life is a competition and you winning, might mean someone else has to lose out. That’s okay. But the spirit of how you play is important too. Fighting dirty isn’t exactly out of the cards here, it’s one of the few transits in life where you should do what it takes to win. To be brave, straightforward, and piercing in your pursuit of the outcome you desire. Just make sure you’re not playing dirty if you don’t need to be. If your opponent is throwing dirt in your eyes through, these two energies don’t mind if you trip them up a little even if that is out of your usual character. 

A note about fighting dirty, if it seriously opposes your belief systems and makes you break your own moral code, you likely shouldn’t. But in the same thread, Jupiter ruling the belief systems and touching on Mars may ask you to re-write some of your beliefs about what is and isn’t okay. For example if you’ve been passed over in promotions because you wish to show every kindness to your opponent, or you don’t believe in “bragging” about your accomplishments. It may be time to change the tactic. To find a way to stand up for yourself and to show case your talents in a direct way. 

This transit can be impacting many realms of life. It may be you’re battling for a promotion against someone else in your department. It may be that your father has been a bully your whole life and it's time you draw a line in the sand and defend yourself voraciously. But it’s time to stand up, take charge, and be bold.

Jupiter opposing your Mars

Where you’re feeling tension in your life is asking you to examine where you beliefs and your actions are not adding up. It may be you’re being asked to compromise your belief system and do something unethical. Ideally, you’ll stand up for yourself and defend your beliefs. 

The other side of this however is that you’re NOT taking action because of your belief systems that are not fair to yourself. A lack of confidence in your abilities, or beliefs about money for example are keeping you from taking action on an opportunity. For example, you may have a great business idea that you’re heart is screaming to run with…but your beliefs say “I’ll never be the kind of person that can succeed in business” or “everyone who runs a business is burnt out, and I already have 3 kids that wear me down…I could never do both…” 

It’s a time of EXAMINING those beliefs and asking yourself are you being fair to your own energies if you squash the inner passion that comes with taking action towards something you desire or feel compelled to create/defend. Get your belief system in line, and then JUMP ON IT. Take action. Make a change and believe that you can win this round.

Working with Jupiter transits....

Jupiter has outstanding media coverage. The planet of manifestation, gifts, opportunities, doors flying open out of nowhere. Which to be fair, are all Jupiter things. But Jupiter also is tied to the Wheel of Fortune card in Tarot. The wheel spins and the trick is to answer the question correctly to win the prize. 

How do you answer (or respond) to a Jupiter transit in a way to win the prize? 

  1. Be willing to believe in something greater than your current reality. 
  2. Looks for openings to bring that something greater into reality 
  3. Take action to support that expansion 

There is a tendency with Jupiter transits to just sit back, spend your money, and reap your reward. But that is a mistake. Jupiter, like all the other planets want to see you RESPOND to it working in your life. 

The house Jupiter is transiting through AND the house of your natal planet shows where to be looking for opportunity + expansion....

1st Houseself image, sense of Style, ability to be a leader in your own life, confidence 

2nd House self worth, money, trust in your innate gifts and talents being good enough to succeed in life 

3rd Houseyour mindset, ability to relate to others, communication style, relationship with siblings

4th House - putting down roots, feeling like you belong, your personal mythology, family of origin 

5th House - creativity, self expression, children/childhood, ability to playfully explore life, ability to have fun, dating 

6th House -  health, daily habits, work life, being of service to the world in a meaningful way 

7th House - relationships, boundaries/holding your ground with other people

8th House - sexuality, how you take on the energy of others, ability to cope with the realities of life such a your own mortality/tragic hardships we all face

9th House your beliefs, religious experiences, ability to access expansive experiences such as traveling abroad/higher education

10th House - your Mission in life, career moves, public Identity (how the public perceives you)

11th House-  your Hopes and Dreams, community, circle of Friends, social Media

12th House - self sabotaging behaviors, ways you escape reality, Spiritual + Energetic practices & boundaries 

About the author, Kacy Danae

Kacy is a professional Astrologer. She learned her craft through Apprenticeship with Dorothy Ann Malkie, her teacher and friend. She believes Astrology is a premier tool for personal growth and healing. She offers Readings and teaches Astrology classes. Follow her work on Instagram for Daily Astrology Forecasts.

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